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School Alignment: Righteousness

School Proficiency: Melee

School Weapon: Palm / Sword

Skill Specialty: Continuous Group Attack

Wudang History[edit | edit source]

The Wudang School is located in the middle of the Wudang Mountain range atop a series of long winding stairs. The basic idea behind the Wudang School is balance. Visitors of the temple see the Yin Yang symbol etched around the grounds. The Wudang believe that the balance of one’s mind and body is essential to the mastery of the martial arts. In combat, they redirect energy used against them, throwing enemies off balance with a punch, or maneuvering thin swords through enemy defenses.

There is a saying, “The most respected in the north is Shaolin; the most respected in the south is Wudang”. With focus on Internal Skills,Wudang disciples progress slowly in the beginning but catch up and even surpass many in their later stages. By incorporating Taoism concepts within their martial arts, Wudang’s fame almost surpasses that of the Shaolin.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Zhang Sanfeng: The Founder of Wudang. He spent his youth chasing the Mongolians away from China. One of the oldest and most respected people in all of China.

Tianjizi: The Sword Branch Leader, who likes to fight with Yuxuanzi for supremacy. Because he always loses, he put all his hopes on his disciples and trains them strictly.

Xiang Jiuchen: A famous Swordsman who is a nosy playboy, so he has many enemies. One dayhe was enlightened by a Taoist Priest and decided to join Wudang.

Quyi: A mysterious girl in the Sword Tomb, no one knows her origin. The rumor is she treats the sword as her master and is devoted to it.

Hong Yanxin: A famous female Swordsman who used to be a member of the Royal Guards, she left when her brother was murdered and vowed to get revenge.

Wudang School Skills:[edit | edit source]

Wudang belongs to the Quanzhen Sect of Taoism. Their disciples are always going about helping people and villagers so that the Wudang's reputation in Jianghu will grow. It carries a similar level of respect and fame as the Shaolin Sect.

The Yin Yang Heart Protecting Skill is their basic Inner Skill. Their kung fu combines flexibility and rigidness together using the redirection and reversal of their enemies actions to be victorious.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The Wudang are the main DPS dealers in PVE situations. Their group DPS is extremely high in large-scale PVP battles, however, they are weak in 1v1 battles. This is a great class for anyone who likes group battles.

Forbidden Instance: Wudang is famous for having powerful group attacks, like Breeze Sword. Players can challenge the forbidden instance by themselves with Breeze Sword.