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School Alignment: Righteousness

School Proficiency: Melee

School Weapon: Palm and Kick, Sticks and Staffs

Skill Specialty: Group Stunned

Shaolin History[edit | edit source]

“All martial arts originate from Shaolin”. It is not to say that Shaolin created all martial arts, but rather that the different martial arts in China are related to Shaolin historically. Shaolin Kung Fu is still the most famous in the world. We can say that martial arts helped Shaolin to become worldrenown, and vice versa. It is always viewed as the holy ground for martial arts.

The historical origin of Shaolin started in AD 464, Batuo, a Dhyana Master who came to China from India to spread Buddhist teachings, saw that Mount Song resembled a lotus flower and wanted to establish a Temple within the "flower". The Emperor agreed to build a Temple to worship Batuo. The Temple is located at the bottom of Shaoshi Mountain, which is covered with lush forests (Lin). So the Temple was named, "Shaolin Temple".

Shaolin excel in external skills, and many of its disciples have become great masters in the world. Shaolin has always strived to uphold righteousness, therefore Shaolin have always had a good reputation with the common people of China.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Master Xuanhuai:The Abbot of Shaolin. He frequently reminds his disciples to help others, spread kindness, and assist in rescuing people in times of disasters.

Liaoyin:The Leader of Discipline Hall, he came from a noble family. He is very strict in implementing rules and hosts many Buddhist rites.

Liaochen:The Leader of Bodhi Hall, he joined Shaolin because he lived in poverty. The most pious of all the disciples and the most respected elder.

Kongshan:A Wine Monk in Arhat Hall, he was once a leader to a gang of bandits. He is straightforward, likes to laugh, eat heartily, and drink wine. He abhors people using despicable means to reach their goals.

Jueneng:An usher in ShaolinTemple, he was found on the steps in front of the gate. He has never left Shaolin and is very friendly, always smiling at all who come to ShaolinTemple.

Shoalin School Skills:[edit | edit source]

In Jianghu, the Shaolin sect is charged with the task of upholding righteousness and judgment. Their martial arts are considered the most orthodox in the world and are used to serve the nation's people. The Shaolin only take male disciples.

Meditation is the basic internal skill of Shaolin. Transcend your worldly environment, settle your chi and invigorate your blood, cultivating your spirit and form a solid base.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Shaolin are easy to play, and have strong group support and damage skills. They focus mainly on melee attacks in PVP making them weak against ranged attacks. Shaolin have some of the best control abilities, and are good for players who like team work and being a leader.

Forbidden Instance: Shaolin is the best choice to attract enemies in the forbidden instance because of their strong control abilities, and Rage Skills. With the best area control ability, and special internal skills (passive HP recovery), Shaolin players can challenge the Forbidden Instance by themselves.