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School Alignment: Neutral

School Proficiency: Mid-range

School Weapon: Duel Sword, Musical Instrument

Skill Specialty: Music Attack

Scholars History[edit | edit source]

The Scholar school was established by two refined scholars, Xiao Bieqing and Shi Yanbing. They felt like old friends from the moment they first met and decided to set up this school. They wanted to create the school as a way to make friends with other scholars like them who were well versed and educated in cultural arts. They also wanted a place to teach their martial arts skills. All of the members in the Scholar school are practiced luteplayers, and skilled at chess, calligraphy, and painting. Their kung fu skills use musical frequencies to attack, which is very special ability, as they had to spend a lot of time cultivating internal kung fu to develop these skills.

One of the legends says that the most famous song of the Scholars can kill people by dealing internal damage,while not leaving any trace of blood. The song came from one of the 6 Grand Masters of martial arts,who integrated a set of secret maneuvers into a song. Then this song was given to the Scholar’s founder and Master,Xiao Bieqing, becoming Scholar’s most famous skill. Because of Xiao Bieqing’s background, almost all the members of Scholars are highly educated, so it is normal to see them acting slightly arrogant in public. If players choose to join Scholars, prepare yourself to be educated in many ways.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

Xiao Bieqing: Master of the Scholars, he is knowledgeable in many things. He was a member of the government, but could not stand the fight for power. Therefore, he decided to retreat to the Jiangnan Region and established the Scholars.

Shi Yanbing: The Counselor of the Scholars, he became friends with Xiao Bieqing through a short battle and now considers him as a best friend. He decided to give up his family business to help his new friend by joining the Scholars.

Yan Changkong: A descendent of Yanmen family, he has great talents so he was selected by Xiao to learn martial arts with the Scholars. His childhood sweetheart is Yi Ruoxun, but she disappeared many years ago. He never gave up in his search for her and wants to find any information he can about her.

Dongfang Lingshao: The Successor of the Dongfang family, he is smart and quick-witted. Even though he doesn’t seem to care much about anything most of the time, in times of trouble he is very calm and able to deal with any situation, which makes him a valued asset to Xiao.

Wen Xinluo: A young girl with a mysterious background who Xiao brought back to the Scholars. She sometimes acts like a spoiled brat, yet other times she is naïve and optimistic. She is loved by everyone at the Scholar school.

Chen Yimo: A talented girl who came from a well-educated family. She is knowledgeable in all forms of cultural arts and can speak many different languages. She is considered one of the most talented females of her time.

Scholars School Skills:[edit | edit source]

Scholar disciples are mostly proficient at lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy, painting, and masters of music and dancing. Recently Scholars sent people to receive new disciples. If you want to join, you at least need to know the following skills: Qin-Playing, Chess, Calligraphy, or Painting and then go and find a Scholars Guide Disciple to recommend you.

The "Passing Wisdom Skill", the basic internal skill of Scholars, was created by Miracle Doctor Huatuo and then passed on to Scholars according to the legend. “Passing Wisdom” means it first appeared in the universe and then stars, absorbing the power of Yin and Yang in heaven and earth so that you can obtain the wisdom and master kung fu.

School Ultimate Skill: Jade Flute Sword

Tips[edit | edit source]

The Scholars are a very well rounded with good control, melee group attack, and support abilities. This school is good for players who like to work in teams.

Forbidden Instance: The Scholars are excellent at supporting roles and group battles, making them a good addition to your team in the Forbidden Instance.