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Joining a School

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In Age of Wushu there are 8 major Schools, including World-Famous righteous Schools like Shaolin and Wudang, neutral Schools like Scholars and evil Schools like Royal Guards.

When you advance far enough along the Novice Guide you will be given the task to join a School. Then you just need to find the nearby School Guide or Coachman and talk with them to choose a School to join.

There are two special Schools in Jianghu that you should pay attention to their specific rules if you want to join. The Scholars are filled with cultured and educated people. The Beggars will not accept anyone who is not willing to suffer with them. So to join Scholars, you need to learn one of the cultural professions such as Calligrapher, Painter, Chess Player, or Musician. If you want to join the Beggar school, you must become a Beggar first.

There is great degree freedom in Age of Wushu so you can even choose to not join any Schools. But when you do join a School you will learn 3 sets of external skills and one set of internal skills, so joining a school is recommended.