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How to Gain Experience

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Experience and Character Advancement in Age of Wushu[edit | edit source]

There are no levels in Age of Wushu. Player growth is determined by internal skill, martial arts, meridians, equipment and other elements.

Among them, internal skill, martial arts and meridians are the most important. Internal skill and martial arts can be increased by converting experience into cultivation. Meridians can be improved by gaining Chi.

How to gain experience quickly[edit | edit source]

Activity Requirements How to Obtain Experience
Spy on School Join a school Spy on any other school, and get intelligence from Intelligence disciple and Spy to exchange for experience.
Patrol the school Join a school Patrol in your school and kill spy players of other schools to get experience.
Forbidden instance Group a team Successfully challenge the forbidden instance in a team to get rich experience.
Challenge martial arts club Group a team Successfully challenge the martial arts club in a team to get rich experience.
Escort the goods cart Group a team Escort the goods cart successfully to a specified place in a team to get experience medicine.
Rob the goods cart None Rob the goods cart successfully and sell goods to black marketer to get experience medicine.
School War Join a school Join School War. The winner side will get some experience.
Offline autoplay Be offline Get offline. Amount of experience is determined by offline time and offline activities.
Use flying skill Learn flying skill You may get 1 point experience when using flying skill.
Wander all around None You can get 1 point experience when reaching a new map.
Daily life None You can get 1-3 points experience at random when you enjoy the scenery or collect items.
Tasks None You can get 1-5 points experience, reputation and some other rewards when finishing a task.
Death None You have chance to get 1 point experience when you die.