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Creating a Guild

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Age of Wushu is filled with dangers which might be too much to handle alone. Guilds not only help players come together and work towards long term goals, they also play an influential role in the world.

The forces of Jianghu are massive, so why not create your own guild to counter them? With skill, determination, and a little luck, that guild might even be able to climb the rankings among the most accomplished in Age of Wushu.

How to go about creating a guild in Age of Wushu? What are the limitations and conditions?[edit | edit source]

First, you must join a School and advance beyond the initial ranks before you are qualified to create a Guild.

Then, in a large city such as Chengdu, Suzhou, Luoyang or Jinling, go find the official in charge of Guilds.

Speak with the official and select the "Create Guild" option. In the pop-up box, select an appropriate Guild name, and click Confirm.

Creating a Guild costs 300 taels of silver, 200 of which will go to the Guild’s funds.

Newly created Guilds are considered Informal Guilds, and a minimum of 4 people are required for one to be recognized. If within 3 days not enough people join, the Guild will be forced to break up. Players who sign up for the Guild must also belong to a School and be of sufficiently high rank. Within Guilds you can interact with like-minded players and share game experiences. You can search for companions to complete tasks or simply go adventuring with guildmates. With innovative guild features, guild areas, guild wars, and more, we are sure you will be blown away.