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Beggars' Sect

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School Alignment: Righteousness

School Proficiency: Melee

School Weapon: Fist and Kicking, Stick and Staff

Skill Specialty: Group Damage

Beggars’ Sect History[edit | edit source]

No matter which Dynasty you come from, there will always be beggars. The Beggars' Sect is also one of the supporting pillars in defending the country from foreign invasions. This caused them to become one of the largest righteous schools. Their leader carries the revered “Dog Beating Staff”as a symbol of his authority and position. The most notable martial art of the Beggars' Sect is the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. People from all walks of life join the Sect, including scholars and military officers. As such, the martial arts of the sect are rather diverse. Due to the large size and nature of the school they have a wide network of communication and the members have a reputation for their excellent information-gathering skills.

The members adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain the utmost respect for their ranks. Each member carries at least one pouch-like "pocket” and the number of pockets he/she carries indicates his/her rank. Elders carry nine "pockets" each. They uphold justice and help those in need through acts of chivalry. In Age of Wushu, we focused on the details of the Beggars from their clothing to their spirit, to emphasize their love of freedom.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Xiao Tianfang:The leader of the Beggars. He has travelled with other elders of the sect since when he was young.

Lu Shufang:One of the Nine-Pocket Elders, he comes from the streets and is illiterate, yet loves to listen to book-readings and watch street performances.

Huo Rang:A former patrolmen, he met Hong Xian on one of his trips and fell in love with her. Then he decided to join Beggars to be with her.

Zhan Huasheng:A disciple of the Beggar Sect, he is short in stature, optimistic, and witty. The class clown and mastermind of the sect.

Hong Xian:She became an orphan because of pestilence. Hong Xian and her sister were accepted as Beggars by Elder Shi.

Beggar’s Sect School Skills:[edit | edit source]

Beggars' Sect disciples are spread across the entire nation. However, all disciples are very poor beggars. The Beggars' Sect has strict rules and never accepts playboys. If you want to join the Beggar's Sect, you can ask a Beggars' Sect Guide Disciple.

Leisure Mental Skill, the basic internal skill of the Beggar's Sect, can get rid of five desires, relieve pain and diseases, and allows one to live free and easy. Beggar's Sect disciples are always free, and have no restrictions.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The Beggar’s Sect have strong DPS in both PvE and PvP. They do not focus on either in particular so this school is good for player who like both.

Forbidden Instance: The Beggar’s Sect does not have a strong supportive role like the Shaolin or Emei, but they do have some useful group battle skills.